Auto Glass

Repair and Replacements

Since 1991, more and more people in and around the Columbia and Charleston areas have trusted Century Glass for quality auto glass replacements and windshield repair. That's because we ensure our customers' satisfaction and safety is our number one priority and treat every vehicle we service, as if it were our own. If you're in Columbia, Charleston, or surrounding communities, let us handle all your auto glass needs. To make this process easy, we offer both in-shop and free mobile service from one of the best customer service teams in South Carolina. 

Auto Glass Replacement

To get your auto glass replaced, call us FIRST, we can take the headache out of filing your insurance claim.  Then we'll schedule your replacement at the location of your choice. Typically, we will start replacing a windshield or other auto glass by removing the damaged glass and cleaning the area where the new glass will be installed. We will be sure to remove any bits of glass that are left behind from the break (if there are any) and clean the area thoroughly to ensure no debris will obstruct the new seal. Then the new glass is installed. It's basically as simple as that. After the adhesive that bonds the glass to the frame of the vehicle has had the proper time to cure, you will be back on the road, usually within an hour! Your windshield installation comes with a Lifetime No-Leak Warranty.

Free Mobile Service

Even if you don't live in Columbia or Charleston, you can still get quality auto glass replacements from Century. In fact, our mobile services cover an extensive service area in and around Columbia and Charleston and we can meet you at home or at work (weather permitting) to install a new windshield or other auto glass on-site for no additional charge. View our service area.

Your Safety Comes First

Many people do not realize the risk they take when driving around with a damaged or improperly installed windshield. The auto glass on your vehicle is important to the safety and design of your car so if it is damaged or installed wrong, you are at risk.  Don't let unqualified installer replace your auto glass, know your rights, and ask for Century Glass. 

Want the best?

When you want top of the line, we are proud to provide Clear Advantage glass from Pilkington. Clear Advantage glass is manufactured to provide maximum comfort to you and your passengers. It takes a two-prong approach by reflecting and absorbing up to 65% of the heat that enters your vehicle on the hottest summer days. In addition, the glass itself is tuned to help dampen wind, engine, and road noise. If you want the best available glass to provide maximum comfort for everyone in your vehicle, consider Clear Advantage glass from Pilkington.


Windshield Repair

No one can predict when the windshield in your vehicle will suffer damage from weather, debris, or even vandalism, especially here in South Carolina. When these events do occur, it's nice to know that you may be able to save hundreds of dollars with a windshield repair (when compared to the price of a replacement). Our windshield repairs can be done in-shop or at a location of your choice within our service areas. Contact us today and schedule an appointment.

How Long Do Windshield Repairs Take?

The average windshield repair can take about 30 minutes. 

How Does The Windshield Repair Process Work?

If the damage to your windshield can be repaired, our technician will start by cleaning the damaged area and vacuuming out debris. After the area is cleaned, we will inject a special resin into the chip or crack to "fill" the damaged area. This resin is then subjected to ultraviolet light which causes it to cure, or bond to the rest of your windshield. After the curing process is complete, the excess resin is cleared away from the glass. The windshield's strength has now been restored and the visible damage drastically reduced (sometimes even invisible to the naked eye).  Get A Quote

Windshield Repair in shop or mobile


Now offering Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADS or ADAS) Calibration Services


Century Glass is now certified through Pilkington and Opti Aim Equipment to calibrate vehicles at our shop in Columbia.

Does your vehicle require Calibrating?