Cracked Windshield

Cracked Windshield


It is a hot, muggy, South Carolina day. You are in the middle of rush hour on the interstate. Cars are swerving in and out of lanes, radio blasting, A/C on high and then you notice something in the air….. You lean closer to your steering wheel, BAM! A rock slams into your beautiful, bug filled windshield. You jump back in your seat and let out a yell! What can you do? The rock has done its damage and now the summer heat wave is going to help the crack spread.

You need to #AttackThatCrack, but how?

Here are 9 at-home tips to fix your cracked windshield:

1. Remove rearview mirror, wiper blades, cowl panel & any other hardware that could be affected.

2. Cut the urethane. (Tip: A razor blade or cold knife typically works best.)

3. Remove your windshield.

4. Clean the area if any extra urethane is remaining.

5. Prime the pinch weld and glass for proper urethane adhesion.

6. Apply urethane in the v-bead to the manufacturer specifications.

7. Reinstall the windshield and moldings.

8. Allow the new urethane proper time to cure. (Tip: You may need to apply blue painter’s tape to keep it from sliding down while curing.)

9. Reinstall any hardware, such as your rearview mirror, wiper blades and cowl panel.

Not for you? Call Century Glass and we can! Learn more about Century Glass’ on-site experts and how we cater to you below.

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Replacing a windshield seems simple; only 9 steps – bing, bang, done! It is actually not as simple as you think. Let Century Glass install that new windshield and, in most cases, you can stay where you are; our free mobile service is able to come to your home or work. Our Certified Master Auto Glass Technicians will have you back on the road in a little over an hour. If your car has the Advanced Driver Safety features, we can recalibrate those too and ensure your vehicles integral safety features are working properly. It cost nothing for the rock to hit you, why should you pay for a new windshield? With your South Carolina Comprehensive insurance, it won’t cost you a dime! Give us a call first so we can get everything started for you! It is as easy as calling (803) 256-8134 and speaking to one of our highly trained customer service representatives.

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Let Century Glass #AttackThatCrack!