Decorating with Mirrors:

Who says mirrors are only for bathrooms and bedrooms? Decorating with mirrors is coming back, driven by their versatility and cost-effectiveness. A single and inexpensive mirror is sometimes the last bit of décor needed to really transform a living space.

When selecting the perfect option for your room, you’ll need to consider a lot of things. Size, function, style and shape all play a factor. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you select the perfect mirror for your space — and some design inspiration to get you started.

Why Use Mirrors for Decorating?

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes to fit any design taste. There are options for any budget. And when you go with custom mirrors, you can create a look that is a perfect fit for your space.

shower doors
shower doors

Mirrors Make Small Spaces Feel Larger

Small rooms make you feel cramped and searching for the quickest escape. You can make small spaces more welcoming by installing a mirror opposite a window, doing so gives the illusion that there are windows on both sides of the room. The ultimate result is a room that feels larger and more inviting.

Mirrors Make Dark Rooms Brighter

Dark rooms can come to life with a few strategically placed mirrors. When dealing with windowless rooms, such as a bathroom, lighting is essential. Without proper lighting, the room feels cold and uninviting. But if adding a window isn’t an option, what are you to do?

Add a mirror!

When you add one to a small dark room, the light fixture reflects light off the mirror giving the room a much brighter feel.

Tips for Choosing Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors come in so many shapes, sizes, and styles that you can find one to match any décor. They look great in any room. You can group them in various arrangements to show off as an art piece, or you can choose one large piece as a focal point. Your creative options are endless.

There is really no right or wrong way to select a mirror, either. A lot of it comes down to style preferences. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you pick the best option for your space.

Size Matters

A piece that is too small gets lost on the wall. One that is too large can quickly become an obnoxious intrusion. The mirror’s purpose in the room will dictate its size. If you want it to be a focal point, make sure it is large enough to have the desired impact without overwhelming the room. Perhaps your goal is to simply use one as an accent piece. If that is the case, consider a grouping of smaller pieces.

Long pieces are perfect for rooms with tall ceilings as they tend to accentuate the height of the room.

Fit the Room

The shape of your mirror changes the feel of a room more than you might think. Some shapes are more formal than others, while some have a casual feel.
Rounded pieces give a fun and playful look to a room. Clean shapes such as squares or rectangles give a room an orderly and clean appearance.

Show Your Style

Consider the mirror’s placement when making your decision. Pieces with ornate framing do well in formal dining rooms or formal living rooms. Those with clean lines are perfect for modern interiors. Casual or informal rooms are perfect for odd shaped or curved pieces.

There’s No “Best Place” to Hang Mirrors

The traditional rules of placing artwork at eye level don’t necessarily apply to mirrors. Height and placement rules vary depending on function. As mentioned, placing a mirror near a light fixture can make a small room feel larger. A long piece located at the end of a long hallway or opposite a doorway makes for a warm greeting.

If you hang the piece too high, it will look odd and out of place. Hanging it lower makes the room feel cozier and more intimate.

Don’t limit yourself to just the bathroom or the bedroom. Mirrors are a great addition to any room. Try grouping a bunch of smaller pieces of varying sizes for a focal point in the dining room, or try placing a single expansive mirror on a wall to make the piece appear to be a part of the architecture of the room.

Interior Design Inspiration

The best thing about decorating with mirrors is that it’s so easy. No matter how you choose to use them, they will look great. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Elegance in the Dining Room

The piece in this dining room catches the reflection from both the chandelier and the expansive window. The effect is a bright and welcoming formal dining area, fit for any occasion.

Glamorous Bathroom

Having The Right Mirror Can Improve The Look Of Your Bathroom

Get creative with your frames. The decorative frames on these pieces are a perfect complement to the décor in this bathroom. The addition of the hanging lights adds to the elegance of the room.

A Work of Art

Mirrors Can help Improve The Decorations On Your Wall

 The whimsical shapes and decorative frames on these custom mirrors are right at home among the eclectic décor of this room. Rather than limiting the wall to just mirrors or just art, this homeowner blends them both in a collage that serves as an intriguing focal point.

Accent a Fireplace

Mirrors Can Improve The Look Of Your Fireplace

Sometimes simple is best. The fireplace is a perfect spot for an accent piece. The round mirror in this room gives a nice contrast to the square fireplace. It is a simple and understated addition to the space that gives interest to the fireplace.

A Collage of Mirrors

Mirrors Can Be A Fun Decoration

Combining different shapes and sizes in a collage is a wonderful way to make any room more interesting. 

There is no right or wrong way to hang a collage. Simply alternate shapes, direction and height for each piece for visual interest.

An Elegant Focal Point

Mirrors Can Be A Nice Show Piece

 The two mirrors flanking this table and artwork make up one big piece as a focal point of this wall. Their height only adds to the boldness and makes a real statement in the room.

Backed by Light

Adding A Back Light To Your Mirror Can Improve It's Look

Sometimes all you need is a little creative lighting to make even the simplest piece come to life. The backlighting in this custom mirror gives a halo effect that complements the modern elegance of this bathroom.

Mirrors are Back

Mirrors as décor have made a comeback in a big way. These versatile pieces serve much more than function. They can bring life to a dark room, add visual interest to a wall or serve as the focal point of a room. When using mirrors, you are limited only by your imagination. When you are ready to tackle your next design project, stop by South Carolina’s custom mirror experts at Century Glass.

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