Important Things To Know About Quotes for Frameless Shower Doors

Your home is the ultimate expression of your sense of style and taste. From the runners you’ve selected for your tables, to the molding you’ve chosen for your ceilings, each decision is a reflection of your personal aesthetic.

However, showers are often left to languish – only getting updated when the more visible front of the house has been fully refreshed. If your bathroom tile is currently hiding behind an old shower-curtain or hazy acrylic door panels, you may be looking for ways to let the light in so your bathroom can live up to its grand potential! The answer is clear: frameless shower glass and door panels.

Frameless glass doors let your shower shine

But what isn’t so clear is the process of getting quotes – there are so many companies out there all clamoring for your time and claiming to offer the lowest rates. Well, a bit of information goes a long way and we’re here to help you make sense of what options are available and how to make sure you’re getting quotes that will make your dreams a reality.

Frameless Glass Doors Let Your Shower Shine

Until recently, shower doors have been set in difficult to clean, chunky frames, but in recent years frameless options have come onto the scene. If you’ve saved an amazing shower setup to your Pinterest board, it probably used what is known as Clip Set frameless glass.

Clip Set frameless glass makes it appear that your shower glass and door are floating in place – suspended by discreet pieces of hardware that can perfectly match your existing finishes. The edges of the glass gently float atop your tile – sealed with a barely noticeable bead of silicone to prevent any leaking.

This style makes for a dramatic effect and is a great way to showcase your shower!

Not All Frameless Options are Clip Set

Here at Century Glass we’ve seen a recent surge in popularity for Clip Set showers, with customers presenting us their Pinterest boards full of Clip Set designs. However, it’s important to know that other frameless or ‘semi-frameless’ options are on the market.

One of the most common alternatives is a U-Channel door installation. This installation, as the name suggests, sets the glass inside a U-shaped channel which is secured to the tile.

The doors will only have a connection to the wall on one side – the top, bottom, and opening of the door will be frameless. The visual effect is similar to Clip Set, but as there is a continuous connection between the glass and your tile, it doesn’t offer the same floating effect.

The Century Difference: Comparing Quotes

Century Glass has always prided ourselves in quoting exactly what our customers want. We recognize that when our customers ask us for their shower door to look like those in their Pinterest board, that is what they really want!

Unfortunately, we’ve noticed a trend where some of our competitors will see those same examples of Clip Set dream showers and then deliver their quote using U-Channel doors and glass. The reason they do this is simple: U-Channel doors cost less and allow them to offer you a cheaper quote. The two styles are similar afterall, but if you have your heart set on Clip Set you may find the end result disappointing.

Here at Century our goal is to deliver exactly what you want, whatever your budget may be. We are happy to offer quotes on our U-Channel doors alongside quotes for Clip Set, and we’ll let you be the judge. We have three showroom locations and encourage you to come in and see the difference first hand before making your decision.

The good news is no matter which you decide, we’re confident that we can offer you a comparable or cheaper quote than the competition.

Alternative Solutions: Retrofit Doors

If you want to change out that old builder grade framed shower without remodeling your bathroom then look at our Hybrid shower door. These doors are half-pocketed like a u channel installation and allow you to get the same frameless look without having to lay new tile. With over 30 years of experience we’re prepared to offer you the best solution, no matter your budget or design goals.

We install dream showers

We Install Dream Showers

Whether you ultimately choose Clip Set, U-Channel, or Hybrid, , we’ll handle the installation quickly and professionally. Our team shows up on-time and gets the job done correctly the first time so you can spend more time enjoying your new shower. If you still aren’t sure which style is right for your shower, check out these examples of the different types of shower door we offer.

Don’t be fooled by installers who aren’t interested in delivering your dream shower – make sure that the quotes you get match your expectations! Schedule your personal shower door design consultation with one of our professionals today and make your dreams become reality.

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