Sliding Shower Door Ideas

When most people think of sliding glass shower doors they think of the old fashioned doors that operate on a track. But you actually have a lot more options, and it is easy to think outside the box to work with the space you have.

Today’s sliding glass shower doors come in framed, semi-framed, and frameless, and some can be customized. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each type. For pictures and more details of the different types of shower doors, see our shower door guide for bathroom remodels.

Framed Sliding Shower Doors

Framed shower doors are usually made with thinner tempered glass, which helps make them the most affordable option.

Framed shower doors installed over a tub have a track that runs along the edge of the tub. Besides the fact that these doors look outdated, they have some distinct disadvantages.

  • The track doesn’t allow you to comfortably sit on the edge of the tub. A lot of women sit on the edge of the tub to shave, and some people are best able to clean the tub from a sitting position. Even if you put down a towel, the track is going to press into you, and you won’t be able to sit there for long.
  • The track itself is very hard to clean and sometimes doesn’t get dry.
  • If the track is on the bottom of the frame, it’s going to collect water, debris, and bacteria. These tracks will eventually grow some mold, which could be very hazardous to your family’s health depending on sensitivity. The EPA stresses that the best way to handle mold in your home is to prevent it from the start by not allowing moisture to accumulate, such as in your shower door track.
  • The rollers are very small and usually made of plastic. They do wear out, and will probably eventually break, requiring repair. If you’re not very handy with tools or have limited range of motion, you’ll have to pay for someone to come take the door off its tracks and replace the rollers.
  • Depending on the age of your sliding shower door, it could be hazardous. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a safety alert regarding tempered glass in shower doors and instituted new regulations in 2016. If your doors are older, you should definitely consider getting them inspected.

Framed shower doors are usually made with thinner tempered glass, which helps make them the most affordable option. If you’re installing the doors on a stand-alone shower rather than on a tub, the track isn’t going to be quite as bothersome, but it will still be hard to clean and may develop mold.


The term “semi-frameless” simply means that the door itself doesn’t have a metal frame. A semi-frameless shower door still has a frame, but without a track, it will be easier to clean. It will slide easily in either direction, allowing for easier access to the shower for the whole family. Semi-frameless doors could also be swing style, or their track and rollers may be above with no track or frame at the bottom.

Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless showers can be swing, accordion, or sliding doors. These shower doors are not bordered by metal at all but are only attached to the shower wall with hinges or an above track. You have a lot more options with these doors because they are completely customizable to your bathroom and needs.

Many people select a frameless shower door due to the look and ease of care. The frameless shower is a healthy choice for your family as well! Without a frame to collect water, bacteria, and debris, you’ll be able to keep your shower much cleaner and mold-free.

Frameless sliding shower doors can come in many designs. One of the most popular styles is the Cambridge shower door, which is set up on a stainless steel top roller with four wheels on each door for an easy slide. The rest of the shower door is not framed with any type of metal.

Barn Style Shower Doors

Frameless barn style sliding shower doors give you a sleek and beautiful look for your shower. These shower doors are a bit more expensive than framed or semi-framed options, but they are also less expensive than the Cambridge. This makes them a budget friendly option that offers real value.

The most popular barn shower doors we carry are Proglide. These models offer features such as:

  • Highly customizable doors allow for up to four panels in various formations, allowing you to have round sliding shower doors as well.
  • There is an option to install on a 90-degree post with a free corner.
  • Heavy-duty rollers don’t wear out, and are located at the top rather than the bottom of the door. These tracks don’t collect rust-causing moisture and hold up much better than traditional framed shower doors.

No matter what type of shower you have, we can install a customized sliding glass door as a part of your bathroom remodel. Whether your shower is round, stand-alone, or a tub combo, we can design, customize, and professionally install sliding glass shower doors in your bathroom.

Ready to get started? Look below as we reminisce about our favorite customized shower door installs, then give us a call to discuss what you like best so we can start planning your shower.

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