The Different Types of Glass Repairing Services You’ll Need

Glass is one of the most fragile components on the Earth. Dropping it from even a foot high can lead to hazardous glass shards everywhere. That being said, glass can be an extremely hazardous component if handled incorrectly.

And when it comes to glass repair, it’s not a one-stop shop. Glass damage can come in many forms from a broken tabletop to smashed-in windows. In order to effectively repair any glass-related damage, you’ll need a thorough understanding on the different types of glass repair services available.

Today, we’ll be going over the different types of glass repair that you might need, specifically the ones that we provide to you. For each type of glass repair service, we can guarantee the utmost efficiency and 100% satisfaction.


Auto Glass Repair

We know that dreaded feeling of driving down the highway and having a rock slam against the windshield, leaving a crack that is hard to ignore. Over time, if you don’t do anything about these cracks, this damage can go from affecting the windshield to affecting the entire car.

Our professionals at Century Glass will examine the damage and determine if it can be fixed or if you’ll need a new windshield to replace the broken one.  With all of our technicians being Auto Glass Safety Council Master Certified, they definitely have the qualifications to provide you exceptional service.

mobile windshield repair

Our technicians will first clean out the damaged areas of your windshield and then determine if the windshield can be fixed. If they determine that the damage can be repaired, they’ll insert a resin that, when exposed to UV light, bonds with the glass.

If the technician deems that the windshield won’t be able to be repaired, the technician will replace the entire windshield with a stronger and better version.


Residential Window and Glass Repair

In your home, glass is everywhere. Be it the windows or be it your tables, you’re at a higher risk of glass damage in your home than anywhere else. That being said, residential window and glass repair is a must.

residential window and glass repair

The type of glass damage that can hurt your home doesn’t come in the way you’d expect. There might be the typical broken glass scenario but glass damage can also happen over time.

Windows can get old, foggy, and lose their quality over time. Save the window replace the pane. Century Glass can replace the old window pane with new ones and new seal, saving the original look and design of your home. Plus, with a ten-year warranty on our insulated glass units, our window repair services go far beyond what we provide upfront

Furthermore, the mirrors and glass tabletops inside your house are always at risk of breaking. Our team of professionals can provide custom-cut mirrors and glass tabletops that won’t trouble you.


Commercial Glass Repair and Installation

If you own a business, commercial glass installation is a must. And even then, if you don’t own a business, commercial glass installation is still something you might want to consider.

Century Glass can provide different types of glass that can help protect your business. Everything from bullet and blast-resistant glass to glass that is built to fight off hurricanes, our professionals can install or replace glass doors and windows that increase your safety tenfold.

Your business is a major asset and with most buildings harboring more than ten employees, safety is a top priority. To ensure your safety is always met, you need to eliminate the potential dangers and one of the biggest potential dangers in the business world comes from glass damage.

commercial glass repair

Especially in South Carolina where weather can be extremely polar, glass is at a higher risk of breaking than in other regions which is why it’s important to make sure that your glass is reinforced at a commercial scale.

Which Glass Repair Service is Right For You?

The type of glass repair service you’ll need depends on which situation you’re in.

If it has anything to do with your car, you’ll definitely want to go with our auto glass repair service. Our auto glass repair services include windshield replacement and window repair. Plus, with all of our professionals having the qualifications to satisfy your needs, you’ll never walk away without all your glass-related problems solved.

If it involves your home, then residential window and glass repair is the way to go. Because so many things are made of glass inside your home, glass damage is at a higher chance of occurring inside your home compared to anywhere else. With everything from mirror and tabletop replacement to window repair, your home is in good hands when you work with Century Glass.

Lastly, if you have a business located in the Midlands, the harsh weather and polar environment can take a toll on wherever your business is located. Therefore, you’ll require sufficient protection to keep your building(s) safe. Our team of professionals can install and replace windows that are weather-resistant and even protective against bullets and blasts. When it comes to commercial glass repair and installation, no one does is like Century Glass does.



When broken, glass can be an extremely dangerous component. It can cut tendons and cause sever lacerations if not properly treated; and it is also extremely expensive to replace if you don’t hire the right people.

Luckily, Century Glass practices both efficiency and affordability. Our various services ranging from residential glass repair to commercial glass installation will help you tackle any problems you have when it comes to your windows, windshields, tabletops, and etc.

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