Residential Glass Services

Here at Century Glass, we provide a full-line of glass repair and replacement options for your home and office in or around the Charleston and Columbia areas. We make it easy to contact us about any of your glass repair or replacement needs and are available to answer any questions you may have. So when you are ready to hire the best glass company around, call Century Glass.  Feel free to stop by or contact one of our showrooms in Columbia or Charleston


Our Common Glass Requests

There is just so much that can be done with glass that is it hard to list all the reasons you might call us here. Below you will find a list of the services that are requested the most in our service areas. If you don't see what you need listed, don't fret, give us a call! Chances are we can still help you out.


Window Glass Replacement

One of the most common problems with a home window is when they become foggy in appearance. Did you know that when this happens you don't have to replace the entire window? That's right! Chances are that if your window has become foggy, it's because the seal on the insulated glass that's used in the window has failed, allowing moisture to seep in between the window glass. Rather than replacing your entire window, let Century Glass come out and replace just the insulated glass! All of our residential window replacements come with a 10 year warranty on the seals, ensuring your windows will stay clear and fog-free for years to come.

Window glass replacement and cutting

Free Estimates!

 If you need the glass in your windows repaired or replaced, call Century Glass, your local glass professionals and receive a free estimate. We're happy to provide on-site estimating for all window glass needs and can come to you anywhere in our extensive service area.


Foggy Windows before replaced by Century Glass in Columbia SC

Custom Cut Window Glass Replacement


We keep a variety of glass sizes in stock for those custom cut glass needs you may have around your home. From garage door window replacements to special projects and historic homes, we can cut the glass you need for you. Call us today for a free estimate and to schedule your glass cutting service. 

Century Glass can handle all of your glass needs

Sliding Glass Door Replacement

Another commonly requested service is to have our expert technicians replace the glass in patio and sliding glass doors. Highly functional, these doors suffer from broken seals much faster than most windows and may need to be replaced to save the life of the door. Replacing the glass is much cheaper than replacing the door and we at Century Glass offer a 10 year warranty on all insulated glass.  

Sliding Glass Door Replacement

Hurricane Proof Glass

Do you live in Charleston and need to replace your hurricane proof glass? Century Glass is the company you need with the expertise and knowledge to give you piece of mind. From doors to windows, we can replace your hurricane impact glass if it fails or becomes foggy. Give us a call today!

Impact Resistant Glass At Century Glass

Mirrors and Frames


Custom Cut Mirrors for Bathroom Vanity

Mirrors can be a great addition to just about any room in your home. Whether you want to expand the look of a room by adding mirrored walls, or dress up your bathroom with a custom framed mirror, Century Glass can really make a difference. Some of the most beautiful bathroom mirrors in Columbia have come from Century Glass. We take pride in helping people put together a great mirrored look to complement existing bathrooms, that highly anticipated remodel or new construction. Our mirrors are also a great way to complement your shower enclosure and can be styled with the same elegance as your shower door and other bathroom fixtures. Buying a mirror from Century Glass is easy: just give us a call and let our experts do the measuring for you.

Now offering framing options for mirrors

On-Site Measurement By Professionals

One of the most important steps in replacing a broken mirror is ensuring the measurements of the mirror are accurate. Whether you're replacing a bathroom vanity, a standard-framed mirror or a full mirrored wall, without precise lengths and widths, your mirror will not fit perfectly and may have ugly gaps along the edges. To eliminate this, we're happy to send a professional technician out to your home or office to measure that mirror for you. We travel all over the Columbia and Charleston areas of South Carolina to help guarantee our customers are getting the best service and quality mirrors available. We are also proud to offer a framing solution that can bring any size mirror from ordinary to extraordinary. Our system is a great way to dress up mirrors in your bathroom, mirrored walls, or any other mirror in your home or office with a variety of framing styles and finishes. Contact us for more information today!

Glass Tables & Tabletops

Do you have an existing tabletop that needs to be protected? What about that piece of antique furniture? Our custom glass tabletops can be a great way to achieve the style or protection you're looking for without having to break your budget. We can cut glass to multiple shapes and thickness for just about any use throughout your home. Contact Century Glass if you need glass for a coffee table, end table, dining room tabletop, or antique furniture. Glass tabletop protection isn't only featured in homes; it is also used in office environments. Conference room tables, desktops and other wooden furniture can be protected from everyday use with a glass tabletop. Whatever your purpose, let the experts at Century help you by providing a quality tabletop protector that's sure to be a perfect fit.

Do you have a frameless tabletop? Modern frameless glass tabletops don't actually use frames; rather, the glass top sits directly on the legs of the table. In these cases, we can supply you with a tabletop replacement made from heavy glass (usually 3/8" or 1/2" glass) and you can even add custom beveling or polishing to the tabletop for a unique look.

Custom Glass Table Top by Century Glass

Glass Tabletops On Patio Furniture

Glass tabletops are common in patio furniture, but what happens when one of the pieces break? Rather than spending the money to replace the entire set with new matching furniture, let Century Glass replace just the broken glass. Patio furniture uses a specific type of glass in the tabletops known as tempered glass, which helps promote safety by preventing sharp shards from forming if the glass breaks. Got an umbrella hole? If you're calling in to order a replacement tabletop, don't forget to give us the measurement for the umbrella hole so we can include it for you.

Custom Glass Patio Table Top by Century Glass

Patterned Glass

Patterned Glass is an easy and elegant way to add new life to a door, window or kitchen cabniets. We enjoy working with homeowners around South Carolina to see what pattern will be used and how.  Patterned or Decorative glass is translucent glass with embossed patterns on one or both surfaces and can add privacy while still allowing light through. At Century Glass, we are expert glass cutters, so no job is too delicate or too large. Give us a call today to find out more!