Glass Shower Doors Custom Made For South Carolina

If you’re looking for a custom shower glass solution, then you need to start thinking about what goes into that solution. Luckily, we at Century Glass are the experts when it comes to shower doors and enclosures. That means we aren’t just trying to sell you a shower door—we will work with you to determine your best options, aesthetically and structurally.

Charleston Customers

We install custom glass shower doors, tub enclosures, in a variety of styles. Check out our shower door gallery or click the button below to find out more to our showroom near you!

Columbia Customers

Century Glass in Columbia has two locations, Board River and Two Notch, with full showrooms to give you ideas on how to create your custom glass enclosure! Contact us or stop by and start designing your dream shower today!

Shower Door Installation

One of the showpieces of our homes is our bathrooms. Showers are one of the most attractive parts of our bathrooms.  When you are planning any new construction or remodel for your bathroom, consider what kind of shower, or shower enclosure, you want. Then call the glass experts at Century Glass to get you started. We can install any type of shower glass you want, and we also have showrooms full of beautiful shower glass options for you to pick from.

Call us for a free quote on your new shower enclosure. But don’t wait… we can work with your contractor to work out the right framing for the shower of your dreams, and then stick with you to get it installed to your specifications. We can even apply a low maintenance coating from Diamon-Fusion(DFI) to prevent the build up of soap-scum and hard water stains so you will clean your brand new, custom glass shower door even less!

Selecting the Custom Shower Doors of Your Dreams

Shower doors come in a lot of shapes, sizes, and styles, so knowing the differences can help you better realize your dream bathroom.

  • Frameless Shower Doors are clean and elegant without visible hardware or mounting brackets getting in the way. Frameless doors look like they float in the air and allow for more natural light to pass through the shower area giving the illusion of a larger bathroom.
  • Next in line is our semi-frameless doors. Semi-frameless shower doors are a nice touch to any bathroom. Semi-frameless doors are just as elegant as frameless, but typically cost less.
  • Framed shower doors are your most traditional style, found in most bathrooms. This style is great for enclosed showers or shower/tub combos.

Regardless of the model we also provide ADA-compliant showers and enclosures. These doors adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act to provide accessibility for those with disabilities. We go the extra mile to ensure that all our ADA installations are compliant, and we can make our existing frameless and semi-frameless models integrate with ADA regulations and the needs of our customers. This includes access of wheelchairs or other accommodations for other disabilities.

Shower Door and Enclosure FAQ

How long does a shower door installation take?

For custom doors, the installation depends on the model installed, the bathroom, and the current shower unit. Since we provide free quotes, there is no risk in working with us to determine the specifics of your job and your home’s needs.


Do frameless shower doors have visible hardware?

Frameless shower doors have some visible hardware (just no frames) that are kept minimal in order not to distract from the glass itself. Frameless doors come in either clip set or u-channel set depending on your preference and the design of your shower door.

What is the difference between frameless and semi-frameless shower doors?

The primary difference is that a frameless shower door will have minimal framing (only where necessary, typically for a sliding door track or for glass mounted on the floor). Semi-frameless will have a frame, but door glass and corners will be exposed.  Both are elegant shower solutions, but frameless enclosures typically cost more (although not much) and are easier to repair.

What is DFI Diamon-Fusion Glass Coating?

Similar to a non-stick cooking pan, shower glass treated with Diamon-Fusion forms an ultra-thin, protective barrier that repels both water and oil contaminants from sticking to the glass. The result is an easier to clean surface that reduces cleaning time by up to 90%.

Pro-Glide Shower Door Gallery


Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Door Gallery


Framed Glass Shower Door Gallery


Call the South Carolina Glass Experts at Century Glass

Century Glass isn’t just a glass company. We are the glass experts.  Any technician that steps foot in your home has undergone  training to determine their skills and knowledge, so that you are always consulting with an expert.

When you call Century Glass for a free quote today, rest assured that you are working with professionals. We’ve been installing glass since 1991, and we have nearly 30 years experience the in residential and commercial glass. Our custom service team is award winning, chat with them today.

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