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Do you have an existing tabletop that needs to be protected? What about antique furniture you want protected? Our custom glass tabletops can be a great way to achieve the style or protection you're looking for without having to break your budget. We can cut custom sizes of multiple shapes and thickness for just about any use throughout your home. Contact Century Glass if you need glass for a coffee table, end table, dining room tabletop, or antique furniture.

Glass tabletop protection isn't only featured in homes; it is also used in office environments. Conference room tables, desktops and other wooden furniture can be protected from everyday use with a glass tabletop. Whatever your purpose, let the experts at Century help you by providing a quality tabletop protector that's sure to be a perfect fit.

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Glass Tabletops On Patio Furniture

Glass tabletops are common in patio furniture, but what happens when one of the pieces break? Rather than spending the money to replace the entire set with new matching furniture, let Century Glass replace just the broken glass. Patio furniture uses a specific type of glass in the tabletops known as tempered glass, which helps promote safety by preventing sharp shards from forming if the glass breaks. Got an umbrella hole? If you're calling in to order a replacement tabletop, don't forget to give us the measurement for the umbrella hole so we can include it for you.

Do you have a frameless tabletop? Modern frameless glass tabletops don't actually use frames; rather, the glass top sits directly on the legs of the table. In these cases, we can supply you with a tabletop replacement made from heavy glass (usually 3/8" or 1/2" glass) and can even add custom beveling or polishing to the tabletop for a unique look.

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We supply glass tabletops throughout the Columbia, Charleston, and the surrounding communities and have hundreds of satisfied customers all over the area. Contact South Carolina's experts in glass tabletops or stop by one of our showrooms today!

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