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It’s more than foggy glass.

Clear, quality glass says a lot about your home. From exterior curb appeal to the reflection in the bathroom mirror to well-preserved dining tables, clarity counts. At Century Glass, we are the glass company you can count on to deliver custom-cut glass to replace foggy windows, complement bathroom vanities, and protect precious tables from damage.

Our Process is Simple

1) We Measure Your Glass        2) You Get A Great Price         3) We Provide Careful Installation


“I chose Century Glass because they have an excellent warranty on their glass. I was pleased to also see that their customer service is excellent as well. A representative from the company came to my home on time and was very professional. He determined the correct size glass needed and was very thorough. When the glass was ready to be installed, they did it carefully and cleanly. The office staff were very friendly and helpful as well. Highly recommend Century Glass for all your glass needs.”

Carol H

We just love our new shower door by Century Glass

What is poor quality glass costing you?

Home Depreciation?

Energy Inefficiency?

Distorted Reflections?

Table Damage?

Turn to the glass company you can count on.

Frequently Asked Questions



Can glass in windows and doors be repaired?

Yes! If your door or window has broken or fogged glass, we can replace that glass. Replacing the broken or damaged glass is oftentimes easier and cheaper then replacing the door or window itself.

Are there special glass types for weather damage?

Yes! Depending on your location, you may find that storms cause huge problems for your outdoor glass. If you are in a new construction project, or renovating and replacing windows, then consider replacing existing glass with hurricane-proof glass. This glass is shatter resistant and will minimize damage or flying glass shards due to debris during heavy storms.

How long to replace foggy windows?

Typically, insulated units take four to five days to get the glass and install from deposit. 

Call the Glass Experts at Century Glass

Century Glass is the glass company you can count on. We have a team of glass professionals who can assist you with your windshield, shower door, and home glass needs. We understand reliability and convenience are key. Our customers enjoy not just clearer glass, but see life’s moments more clearly.

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