Shower Door Installation Options 

When you are looking at designing a new shower door or enclosure, it is important to know your installation options to save you time and money.

Semi-Frameless Vs Hybrid Shower Doors

When comparing apples to apples, or in this case a Semi-Frameless Shower vs. a Hybrid Shower, here’s what just a few more dollars will get you:

•3/8 inch heavy glass panels
•Minimalist modern, frameless, look
•Great for acrylic and fiberglass inserts
•Up to 30% less than similar options
•Fits premium configurations

Hybrid Shower Door

Semi-Frameless Shower Door

The Hybrid is a great option for when you want a Frameless look but cannot install a frameless due to your surrounding material and budget. Hybrids can be installed on Acrylic and Tile.

On a Semi-Frameless you will see a header on the entire enclosure and the panel glass is not as thick as a hybrid.

Clip Set Vs U-Channel Frameless Showers

Clip Set Showers


U-Channel Showers


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