These are Century Glass’s  terms and conditions for work completed.

Main Points to Note:


We encourage you to remove any items of value and any personal belongings from areas where work will be performed. Century Glass will not be responsible for damage to personal property that has not been removed from these areas.


In some cases, a window’s trim (glazing bead/stop) or other components other than the glass panes, may have become weak and/or brittle due to exposure to the elements and outside conditions, or may even be overly adhered to the window glass, or frame. While we take great care in the removal of and replacement of these parts, damage may be unavoidable. Unless otherwise indicated on your quote, the replacement of these parts is not included.


A 50% non-refundable deposit for the materials and labor is required when the job is accepted, and payment of any remaining balance is due at the time of installation. Payment can be made to the installing technician or will be charged to the original payment method if other arrangements are not made ahead of time.

Due to ongoing national supply chain disruptions, deliveries have slowed down considerably. We have no control over extended lead times, shipping delays and date changes. We will not be able to make adjustments to invoices for these delays.

Full Terms & Conditions

  1. The proposed price is subject to change if there are any changes to the size or configuration after the final field measurement.
  2. Century Glass will not be responsible for any discrepancies in customer provided measurements, if any are provided.
  3. Century Glass shall not be responsible for damage to its work by others. Century Glass will not be responsible for special, incidental, or consequential damages.
  4. One trip for Field Measurements and one trip for installation per project is included in the quoted price. Field Measurements will be taken after we are notified that the areas of our scope are ready for measurement. Additional trips required due to openings not being ready and/or unacceptable installation conditions may result in additional charges per trip.
  5. All glass and/or mirror products must be inspected at the time of pick up/delivery or installation. Century Glass is not responsible for glass and/or mirror once it leaves the store premises or has been delivered/installed.
  6. If being picked up it is the responsibility of customer to have a suitable vehicle that is prepared to handle the materials. It is the customer’s responsibility to load materials. Century Glass or its agents cannot load your vehicle. During loading, Century Glass or its agents will not be held liable for any damages to vehicle, personal items in the vehicle, or any bodily injuries that may occur during loading and transportation.
  7. Customer agrees that in the event of any action or proceedings brought for the recovery of amounts due for products, merchandise, or services obtained from Century Glass to pay all costs of collection including but not limited to attorney’s or collection agent’s fees. The customer further agrees to pay fees for each returned check.
  8. Century Glass is not responsible for any existing structural issues that may interfere with the installation and/or lead to unsightly reveals. Any or all structural modifications that may arise before, during, or after the glass installation are explicitly the customer’s responsibility.
  9. The installation of showers and mirror is considered as “light construction” work. Touch-ups to paint/cabinets/surrounding area/s, may be required after installation is complete.  These items will not be the responsibility of Century Glass, but the responsibility of the customer/builder/contractor.
  10. In instances that the glass shower door is to be installed onto decorative glass tiles, we will not be responsible for damage or breakage of tile. In the event of broken glass-tiles, the customer would have to repair the affected area, and we can return to do the installation again, which may involve additional charges.
  11. All shower enclosures, particularly frameless shower enclosures, are leak-resistant not waterproof.  Frameless shower doors do not “leak”. There are very small gaps in the hinges and on the sides of the door that allow the mechanisms to function. It is highly unlikely water will pass though these gaps unless sprayers or water pressure is directly pointed at these areas. We seal the edges with the highest quality silicone in the industry. An out of square condition may create an inconsistent gap/silicone bead.
  12. If any dimensions are changed after the Century Glass measurement is completed and the changes in dimensions lead to inability of installation, there will be additional charges.
  13. Once the delivery/installation appointment for your project is confirmed, this time will be reserved just for you. If you are unable to keep this appointment, we will need a notification at least one business day in advance. Otherwise, there may be additional trip charges and further delays due to our scheduling load.
  14. Century Glass will not hold stock beyond 30 days after purchase date. Customer items must be picked up during this period. We do not accept responsibility for abandoned items. At the end of 30 days, Century Glass may discard all remaining items, and no refunds will be issued.
  15. Century Glass reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to add, remove, modify, or otherwise change any part of these Terms and Conditions, in whole or in part, at any time. No modifications to this document are to be made except by a member of Century Glass leadership, and then only acceptable in this format.
  16. Upon acceptance of work a 50% deposit for the materials and labor will need to be paid at the time of acceptance. The payment of any remaining balance will be due the day of installation. Payment can be made to the installing technician or will be charged to original payment method on file, if other arrangements are not made ahead of time. All special orders from outside vendors may require a larger percentage deposit.  Deposit not required for Account Holders or when insurance is covering the work. Orders under $50 will need to be paid in full when the order is placed.