Auto Glass Repair & Windshield Replacement in South Carolina

Accidents happen. Rocks hit our windshields and they develop cracks that, over time, turn into huge problems. Instead of avoiding that crack and driving with it, call Century Glass to find out how quickly we can send a professional out to you to replace your windshield. We’ve been preforming expert auto glass repair and windshield replacement in Columbia, Charleston, Charlotte, and surrounding areas since 1991. People have trusted us for their glass replacement needs for over 28 years, and you can too.

In most cases, insurance will cover the cost of a windshield repair or replacement.  Contact us now, and we’ll even handle working with your insurance company to make sure your auto glass claim goes as smooth as possible!

Charleston Customers

Auto glass repair and windshield replacement serving all of the lowcountry. Mobile service available, most chip repairs complete in 30 minutes or less. Contact us for your free quote, or file an auto glass claim today!

Columbia Customers

Our two locations in the midlands gives us the ability to provide mobile auto glass repairs and windshield replacements to the communities of Richland and Lexington Counties.  You can even find our mobile glass techs in Charlotte, NC!

Auto Glass and Windshield Replacement

Replacing and installing new glass on an automobile is pretty straightforward once you call the professionals. We first come out to your location. We’ll remove the damaged glass and clean the area so that there are no remnants left over or debris to get in the way of a clean install. Then we’ll set the new glass with the proper adhesive to bond with the frame. And that’s it!

Before your auto glass or windshield is replaced, we can help you file any insurance claims (if relevant). We also guarantee our work with a lifetime No-Leak Warranty.

Mobile Windshield Replacement Services

If you are stuck at work or at home and unable to come to us, contact Century Glass  for mobile windshield replacement services.. Our technicians are certified by the AGSC for replacement and chip repair services.

We Are the Auto Glass Repair Specialists in Columbia, SC

Not only has Century Glass been repairing glass in Columbia since 1991… they are also the best in the business. All of our auto glass technicians are AGSC Master Certified technicians and many are certified to perform ADAS feature recalibration. Finally, we only use superior products in our installations.

When we say “superior”, we mean it. We are one of the few companies that offer a one hour drive away time for a windshield replacement and always offer lifetime No-Leak Guarantee. To top it all off, when available, we use Clear Advantage windshield from Pilkington, a premier auto glass that not only tuned to dampen wind and engine noise, but that also reflects and absorbs up to 65% of the heat that enters your car. There is a difference in glass companies, that is why you should trust your vehicle’s safety with Century Glass. Contact us today.

Know your Rights

Did you know that you have the right to choose who replaces your auto glass? Back in 2012, the South Carolina Legislature passed Bill H4042 into law that makes it illegal for a third party, like your insurance company, to force you to go to a particular auto glass shop to have your vehicle worked on. This puts the power in your hands to insist on a reputable company with a proven track record no matter who the 800 number recommends.

Windshield Replacement and Repair FAQ

How Long Do Windshield Chip Repairs Usually Take?

Our average turnaround for windshield chip repairs is approximately 30 minutes.


How Does Windshield Repair Work?

Our technicians will first clean out the damaged areas. If that technicians determines that the windshield can be repaired, they will inject a clear resin into the cracks. The resin is then exposed to UV light that cures the material and bonds it with the glass. After the excess resin is cleared out, the strength of the windshield is restored and, often, the damaged area is hardly noticeable.

How Long Does Windshield Repair Last?

With the expert care Century Glass provides, the repaired area can last the lifetime of the windshield.

How Big of a Crack Can Be Repaired on a Windshield?

The viability of any repair will depend on the assessment of the technician in the field. Typically, a good rule of thumb is that if it is larger than a quarter, then it can’t be repaired. However, new techniques and technologies are changing this rule of thumb, so it would be best to contact us for a free quote today.

How Does Windshield Replacement Work with Insurance?

This depends entirely on your policy. Comprehensive auto coverage may pay some or all of the costs to replace a windshield. If someone else was at fault, you might find that their insurance will cover the damage. We can help you work through some of the specifics of your policy and help you with the information we have to file a claim if the situation warrants.

Auto Glass is Vehicle Safety

Do not wait for cracks in your windshield to get bigger and bigger. Windshields with cracks and broken windows hamper visibility making driving difficult, if not dangerous, for you and everyone around you. We are committed to your safety, and we are trained to properly install glass on any vehicle. At Century Glass, we do the job right the first time.

With fast mobile auto glass repair solutions in Columbia and Charleston, SC, why put your self at risk? Contact Century Glass today and schedule your windshield repair or window replacement!

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