Get OE-Quality Windshield Replacements, Without the Wait!

A broken windshield can send your plans screeching to a halt – with everything put on hold until it can be replaced. At Century Glass we install OEM and OE-quality glass, using premium urethane sealants, and most repairs are completed within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your call!

Don’t Settle For Low-Quality Windshield Replacements

Your car’s windshield does more than help you see – it keeps your car quiet and comfortable, contains advanced driver assistance safety systems (ADAS), and is a structural element that protects you in the event of a collision or rollover.

At Century Glass we use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or OE-quality replacement glass and urethane sealants, installed by our AGSC-certified technicians. This means that our replacement parts are guaranteed to work as well as the originals.

Why Work With Century Glass

Expert Results from Our AGSC Certified Technicians

The Automotive Glass Safety Council certification is the gold standard for windshield glass repair. Every one of our glass technicians is certified and maintains their accreditation with annual continuing education. This means your auto glass repair will be done right – every time.

No Need to Wait For Your Windshield Replacement Service

At Century Glass we are usually able to get windshields fixed within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your call – compared to national chains that often need 5 to 14 days to get to you! Our mobile service team comes to you and you can be back on your way in as little as 90 minutes.

Insurance Claims Made Easy

Don’t sweat the details of filing your insurance claim! Our experienced customer service agents will work with you to make sure everything goes smoothly, arranging three-way calls with your insurance company to double check the insurance coverage and paperwork.

Receive a Lifetime No-Leak Warranty

We replace every windshield with OEM or OE-quality glass and urethane, meaning we can confidently offer a lifetime warranty on all windshield and back glass repairs. If your new windshield begins to leak we will reseal or replace it at no cost!

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About Century Glass

Founded in 1992, Century Glass has been providing glass repair services for 31 years. Over the decades Century Glass’s owner, Randy Wright, has seen first hand the wide ranging quality of windshield repair work, and strongly believes that highly trained technicians are essential for delivering expert results. To that end, all technicians at Century Glass are AGSC-certified and are required to maintain their certification through annual continuing education.

Randy is a current committee member of the Auto Glass Safety Council, and helps to establish the standards which keep our vehicles safe. Century Glass is committed to providing the best service and highest quality repairs in the industry.

Bus sized RV getting the windshield repaired by the Century Glass team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren’t all windshield replacements OEM or OE-quality?

No. It is common for damaged windshields to be replaced with aftermarket replacements. Aftermarket windshields aren’t necessarily lower quality products, but it is often the case that these are inferior windshields that do not offer the same strength, sound isolation, or protection as OEM and OE-quality parts.

Are OE-quality parts really the same as OEM?

Yes. OE-quality parts are generally manufactured at the same facility using the same production line. The only difference is that OEM parts generally include a vehicle brand decal – but otherwise the parts are identical.

How do I know if I need a windshield replacement versus a windshield repair?

Your auto glass needs to be replaced if the windshield damage includes cracks larger than a quarter, is within the driver’s field of view, or is near one of your car’s advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) sensors or cameras. For small cracks and chips, we are able to perform repairs.

My car has sensors in the windshield - do I need to perform a recalibration after getting an auto glass replacement?

Yes, all vehicles with ADAS (including forward collision warning systems, advanced cruise controls, self driving systems, and similar sensor based systems) will need a recalibration service after a new windshield installation.

My insurance company recommended a different windshield repair company, can I use you instead?

According to South Carolina Code § 38-57-75 (2022) you have the right to choose who repairs your windshield. Call us first at 1-877-446-7643 to speak with your local Century Glass representative, we can help you get your claim started and handle the scheduling, all with one simple call.

We recommend that you find a company which is local, has good reviews, and is available to perform the repair quickly. Some national companies have lengthy waiting lists and may take up to 2 weeks to get to your repair. During this time, small cracks may have grown to a size that is no longer repairable, necessitating a new windshield installation.

If you are located in Georgia or North Carolina the laws regarding insurance coverage and deductibles may vary. Feel free to contact us and our customer service agents can help you determine the best options available to you.

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