The Complete Guide to Windshield Replacement in South Carolina

Windshield repair and replacement is a huge business in South Carolina for a few reasons, but the most common are car accidents and the poor road conditions. If you’ve ever been on one of our interstates, you know just how horrible the roads can be. Just last year in November 2019, our state was said to have the worst roads in the country.

Between seemingly constant construction zones and the loose debris from high winds, driving on the SC highway can be hazardous. Even though they are actively working on improvements, windshield replacement is going to continue to be a much needed service in the Midlands.

You really shouldn’t put off replacing your cracked windshield, and with the ability of most drivers to get auto glass replacements at no cost there is no reason to. Even when the crack or damage isn’t on the driver’s side it can impair your driving more than you realize. It increases or adds a blind spot causing you to err and be unable to correct.

Windshield repair south Carolina

The windshield also protects you from more than bugs and the elements. It is also crucial to the support of the roof in the event of a rollover accident. The windshield keeps the passenger side air bags in place when deployed. A faulty windshield installation can result in significant injuries and even loss of life. To avoid the dangers of a cracked windshield contact us right away for a replacement.

With all of the auto glass companies in the area it can be difficult to know who to trust. You might have heard that windshield replacement was free in this state, but be given estimates from the repair representative. Such confusions are why we’re here to give you the tools you need to make informed decisions about your auto glass repair or replacement.

Is windshield replacement free in South Carolina?

South Carolina guarantees windshield replacement at no charge if you have an active personal auto insurance policy that has comprehensive coverage. Basically, the deductibles and other caveats that must be met to get other repairs on your vehicle through insurance do not apply to windshield replacement.

​If an auto glass repair company tells you that you must pay for their service, or that you are required to use their service, run the other way, find a provider of your own, and notify your insurance company of the change. The South Carolina senate confirmed in 2012 that you cannot be forced to use any particular provider to replace your windshield, and you cannot be charged for it if you have comprehensive insurance.

If you want to make double sure that you get to use the auto glass company that you want, contact the company before calling your car insurance. The glass repair company can file your claim for you while getting authorization to make the repair. This saves you time and aggravation, and you will barely have to deal with the insurance agency.

We know it sounds too good to be true, but not only is windshield replacement at no charge in South Carolina, you can get any of your auto glass repaired or replaced without paying an auto insurance deductible. We can replace this glass as well as your windshields and back glass.
Of course, it won’t always be determined that you need a replacement. You may only need repairs. Smaller chips can be repaired easily and are also covered under your comprehensive insurance, and might be less inconvenient than a complete replacement, regardless of cost. If you’re not sure if your windshield should be repaired or replaced, call us for an expert opinion.

Century’s windshield replacement process

Our windshield replacement process begins with helping you file a claim with your insurance company. If you have comprehensive coverage included in your South Carolina policy documents, they are required to replace your windshield at no cost to you, without even paying a deductible. In most cases, storm damage and other “acts of god and nature” are covered by this policy in addition to the typical auto accidents and damage from road conditions.

After we have approval from your insurance company, we can either come to you or you can bring your car to us. Either way, the actual replacement process is pretty simple. We will remove the broken windshield, clear away the debris and prep the surface, and seal the windshield in place. Even though we come to you, you don’t have to worry about what to do with the old windshield. We will discard it responsibly through windshield recycling programs, of which we are one of the select few making use of them.

What kind of glass does Century Glass use when replacing my windshield?

We use Pilkington auto glass whenever possible when replacing windshields in the Columbia area. The Pilkington brand offers the latest technology so that you can replace your windshield with the highest quality glass with all of the features you want, or that you had in your previous windshield. You don’t have to settle for plain glass with Pilkington.

Is Pilkington Glass as good as an OEM Windshield?

Most people expect to replace auto parts with like parts, or those marked from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). But what exactly does that mean, and why is it a good thing?

OEM is generally best for your vehicle because it’s pretty much guaranteed to fit your make and model just like the original glass. Aftermarket glass is often not as good for vehicles, because while it might give you more features it also might not be truly OEM, even if it is marketed as such.

Pilkington Glass provides auto glass directly to vehicle manufacturers as well as to windshield replacement companies and suppliers. That means that their products, in many cases, are actually the OEM windshields you are looking for. Century Glass also offers a no-leak lifetime warranty on all windshields replaced by one of our qualified techs.

How long after the windshield gets replaced before I can drive?

It only takes about an hour to complete a new windshield installation, but with most glass companies you should plan on about three hours of your car remaining parked after the windshield replacement. The adhesive Century Glass uses has a one hour drive away time once the windshield has been set. You are typically ready to go in 45 mins after finishing your paperwork.

How long should I leave the tape on, after my windshield gets replaced?

You need to leave the tape on your windshield for 24 hours. Although you can remove the tape after 24 hours, you should not attempt to take it through a car wash where pressurized water might break the seal.

Windshield Repair by Century Glass

Other considerations: automatic driver assist and windshield calibration

What does it mean to calibrate a windshield? Car windshields aren’t just there to protect you from the elements as you fly down the highway. As cars have gotten smarter, windshields have of course had to keep up. You would be very surprised to know how much your car’s ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems) communicates with your windshield every day.

If you have one of these newer vehicle models, you’re going to need an expert that can not only install a new windshield, but calibrate it to function properly with your car’s computer systems once the windshield has been replaced. Our trained technicians can perform both of these services.

When you need auto glass repair built on a foundation of trust in the community, contact us today for free windshield replacement in the Midlands, Columbia, and Charleston.

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